search engine optimization ssSD

Some view SEO as a merely a option to cut down budgets from PPC however, it's an even bigger chance over it is. When done properly SEO can be used to achieve a variety of goals and create completely new types of traffic to the website of a company. We study the competition landscape and develop content, choose the right keywords, create, and implement technology, and collaborate with the developers of our clients to ensure that their sites are found on all of these possibilities as they can. This includes not only the major websites, but other popular platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Amazon and many more.


.Off-site optimisation

Off-site SEO consists of link hygiene as well as outreach. We create content that mixes data and PR to spread the brand

Optimisation of the technical aspects

This includes a comprehensive multi-point audit and page speed projects. the analysis of server logs, responsive design for CMS, indexation improvements, HTTPS and migrations of sites.

On-site optimisation

On-site Search Engine Optimisation consists of metadata optimisation and the creation of content which includes optimising the content to work with Voice. We design content that works both for the user and engines.

Optimisation strategy

This covers audience and content gap analysis Keyword and backlink analysis of competitors RAG analysis, plan and forecasting of keywords, as well as campaign ideas.